Our Vacation in the Philippines 2002
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We left on the 26th of April for my first real trip back to my family since I have been married with my loving but sometimes makulit husband. We had packed to much, as is usual when a Filipino returns home from abroad. Everybody expects <pasulobung>, and of course I did not want to disappoint anybody. But of course with an allowance of 20 kg per person, we simply could not take too much. But it was very hard on me to decide what to leave home and what to take. 

Anyway, we made it. on the 27th we arrived in hot and humid Manila. It was load, smelly, wet, crowded, but it was home..... The first thing we did was to sent a little <SMS/TEXT> to our friends in Germany to tell them that we arrived safely. Then we made our way direction South to the place of my family.

Sure they were all waiting for us, and it was a great feeling to be back home again. Matt (the makulit one!) sat down in shorts and T-shirts and started to taste the famous Philippine beer again (SMB). Together with we brandy we took from the airport this was a great way to get drunk, and to get tired enough to get over the jetlag. 

One thing was great, we now have a new digital camera and we have uploaded the first pictures already. So our vacation will be documented while we are still having it. Isn't technology great? Wait for the next pictures and the ongoing story.


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