This is my story

Born in the Philippines, a century ago (at least of the life span of a cat), raised in a family , where everybody loved to sing. so it was quite natural for me to start singing as well.

When i was in grade school my teacher discovered that I can sing, from then she sent me to an audition for joining the school choir.

So, I got successful, I won a few local song competitions and finally  I decided to start in a band. The name of this band was :

                            <Sugar and Spice>      

Nearly all members of this band was from Cebu . At first it doesn't make me feel at home,cause it was my first time to join an International Band, but time passed by and i got  used to work abroad. Well this band started to become successful and had contracts all around the far east Asian countries, We went to Malaysia, Singapore and India

Well, as the story goes, I met the man of my life, fall in love, married and now I live with him here in Germany.  No more singing for a while, but I started fairly soon to participate in the local choir (Swinging Voices), so I could stay in training. 

All this did not go unnoticed, so I was a judge in the Karaoke competition in a Filipino festival October 2001, and I did my own performance there as well. This again resulted in meeting the people from the Philippine Show band MuSiC-@-TcHa, and since then I had several performances together with them. Have a look at my pictures....




Holiday in Switzerland April 2001
My Birthday Party Pictures Jan 2002
Lhiza's Birthday 2002
My Other Hobby
My favourite Kids 
Vacation in the Philippines 2002
Kellerwegfest Guntersblum 2002